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Expert Consulting

Our well experienced consultants can be part of your project team to drive and deliver your project initiatives and objectives, our consultants skills sets covering all SAP technology.

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Increased Capacity

Increase in labor to fulfill a temporary spike in everyday work (project work, increased production, spikes in client demand, seasonal businesses, …)

Bridge to hire

For longer-term needs, as a brigde to provide capacity while you hire a permanent team (new location, new line of business, ect…)

Specialized Skills

For out-of-house specialized skills that are required for a perdiod of time (facilities setup, brand & logo design, technology setup, ect)


Build an organization or team using almost entirely flexible labor as a way to gain competitive advantge (better speed to market, be more agile…)

Easy and fast  mobilization of skilled and Niche IT Resources.

Flexibility in ramping up and down of resources. Staff levels managed to be at productive levels throughout the year.

Savings on HR, Administration Cost, Staff costs such as healthcare, insurance, taxes and benefits

All the advertising, screening, interviewing and reference checking needed to attract and qualify potential employees is not required. This practice benefits by making one call and having staff sent that is ready to work and achieve the balance: quality goals with budgetary realities.

As they are pre-screened for the necessary skills, limited training is needed before the new employee becomes productive.

No need to process payroll for the temporary staff or generate year-end tax documents.


Excellence in Sourcing
  • Specific and process oriented talent acquisition process
  • Well trained Talent acquisition team
  • Applicant Tracking system
  • Interview / Evaluation tool
  • Have respective practices lead in the specific technology
Consultant Empowerment Thorough Continuous Skill Development
  • SAP Certifications
  • S/4 HANA development and demo system
  • Learning and grooming with LMS and SAP Learning hub access: up-skill, cross-skill
  • Exposure to Ongoing AMS Engagements and team role rotation
  • Exposure to Ongoing Project implementations
  • Exposure to Ongoing internal S/4 HANA production enhancements, support and projects
Effective Engagements
  • Effective Delivery management for proactive assessment and improvements
  • Project Engagement monitoring
  • Multiple large customer engagements
  • Consultants Growth Plan
  • Flexible HR policies and Well support by End to End HRMIS tool

11 Years

of experience

100+ Customers

all around the world

40+ Experts

at your disposal

10+ Certificates

assuring our expertise

TRUSPEQ took care of our critical resourcing within short notice and deployed resources who exceeded our expectations in terms of capability

Performance indicator Rated : Excellent in providing IT professional support service.

Goh Lai Fun

SAP Project Manager , One of the world’s largest plants producing sour gas


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