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IoT enabled Fall Detection Monitoring

Prototype of a device to detect the fall of a person and immediately send an alert to the app of the caretaker. It caretaker. It sends the real-time heartbeat to monitor cases of heart attacks and live GPS location of the patient on Google Maps.

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Connected and Smart Renewable Energy System

Implemented smart energy system consisting of a sun tracking rotational solar panel. The optimum power is withdrawn through efficient tracking mechanisms and algorithms. Displayed sensor readings (current and voltage) real-time on a website to monitor the performance of the system.

Self-balancing Robot

  • Built a two-wheeled self- balancing robot using the TIVA C Series TM4C123GH6PM microcontroller board.
  • Implemented using PID Control and complementary and Kalman filter algorithms on CCS studio development tool chain by Embedded C programming.
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