Services:FPP (Fixed scope / Fixed Time Projects)

TruSpeQwith its expert consultant team and vast Ariba solution implementation experience, shall carry out a Fixed Price, fixed scope, fixed duration implementation of Ariba modules as below

UpstreamAriba Solutions / Modules



Contract Management

UpstreamAriba Solutions / Modules

P2O / P2P

PO/ Invoice Automation

Guided Buying

Solution: The Solution details are detailed out in “Technology -Cloud Solutions -SAP Ariba”

Scope: The scope wouldinclude


TruSpeQ will implement the end to end supplier registration and pre-qualification process using SLP/ SIPM.

TruSpeQ will design and configure the Supplier Profile Questionnaire as well as Supplier Qualification Management templates that provide the functionality to collect required information for registering and pre-qualifying supplies.

TRUSPEQ will help implement the below process using Ariba Supplier Performance Management solution provides the below features to realize

Defining objectives aligned to organization Enterprise Spend Management strategy.

Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Gathering & standardizing data (surveys, scorecards).

Analyzing performance data.

Sharing performance data (with divisions and suppliers).

Collaborating with suppliers to improve performance through corrective action plans.


Supplier Registration and Qualification Process will be implemented using Ariba SLP module.

Supplier Registration and Qualification templates will be defined in Ariba to cater to supplier registration and qualification

Approval processes will be configured in Ariba to provide functionality to approve supplier registration and qualification request

Supplier data will be replicated to the SAP ECC backend system after approval of qualified suppliers

Reports will be provided to monitor the supplier registration progress


TruSpeQ will implementthe Ariba sourcing system to cover the requisition to contract process with emphasis on control and compliance between vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and finance organizations.


PRs will be created in SAP ECC system and will be converted to a RFQ in the SAP ECC system.

Demand aggregation based on type of material / service will be built in the SAP ECC to create a consolidated RFQ based on customer definition of criterion of demand aggregation.

Sourcing templates will be configured in Ariba system for execution of sourcing events (RFI, RFP & Auctions). Maximum of 8 sourcing project templates will be configured to cater to the different sourcing scenario

Envelop bidding rules and associated functionality will be configured / enabled

Approval of publishing and award of sourcing events (RFI, RFP & Auctions) will be configured in the Ariba system

Awarded sourcing events will be replicated to the SAP ECC system as purchase orders or contracts

All standard notification templates will be configured.

Contract Management:

The full suite of contract management from contract request, contract authoring, and workflows to address the contracting processto negotiation and approval, and contract execution with electronic signatures.


Contract workspace templates will be defined to enable the persistence, maintenance, negotiation of contracts online. Maximum of 5 contract workspace template.

The clause library will be loaded with the contracts terms.

DFS (Desktop File Sync) will be enabled to allow the MS Word integration with Ariba Contract Management. (Active X installation is a pre-requisite)

Deployment of standard PI interfaces to transfer RFQ from the SAP ECC system to Ariba upstream system and Quote Message(award) from Ariba upstream to SAP ECC system.

Dashboard will be setup as per customer requirement

Standard pre-packaged reports will be deployed


The Ariba P2P system will be implemented to cover the requisition to invoice payment process with emphasis on control and compliance between vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and finance organizations.

PO/ Invoice Automation:

Key Process Steps Covered

Send purchase order to supplier

Receive purchase order confirmation

Receive advance shipment notice

Receive invoice

Send invoice approval as update to supplier

Integration points in scope

Data types:

Purchase Order

Goods Receipt


Guided Buying:

Map the customers' requirements to standard procurement processes in Ariba system.

Enable the collaboration of procurement document (Orders, Receipts, Invoice) with the supplier over the Ariba network.

Implement the approval processes for all purchasing documents as per the customer financial delegation of authority

Design replication of master data as well provide template required for Ariba P2P Module

Perform unit testing of the Ariba P2P and guided buying solution.

Perform integrated testing of the Ariba P2P and guided buying solution in coordination with the customers IT team.

Project Implementation & Deployment Methodology:

Discovery Workshop to establish scope based on Ariba standard best practice business processes

Workbooks detailing the detailed business processes to be implemented are finalized and signed off

Business processes are configured. As this is a cloud based solution, there are no customizations or additional developments done to meet customer specific requirements. (Custom requirements are prioritized by SAP Product Development team and implemented as Product enhancements )

Master Data shall be loaded

User Training shall be carried out

End to End Testing

Go Live

End to End Testing

Post Go Live Support

The overall project plan and execution can be represented schematically as below based on cloud deployment methodology.